Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ruffle Baby Top

I found this adorable tank top (size 12-18 months) at Old Navy yesterday for $1.50 (quite a bargain!). I bought it in part because it was dirt cheap and super cute, but also because I loved the ruffled detail and wanted to try my hand at copying it. I'm very pleased with the results...

Using the Old Navy tank top as a pattern/template, I matched the outline of the neckline with that of a shirt I got from Goodwill (the same one I cut the arms off to use to make leggings for the Rocker Baby Outfit.) I then cut out the outline of the arm opening. I repeated the process with the piece that would become the back. I used a zig-sag stitch to finish the arm openings on both the back and front piece; knits don't take well to being folded over and I don't have a surger, plus I liked the rough-edge look.

I cut strips of fabric in varying lengths from a tank top and what was left of the guitar t-shirt from the Rocker Baby Outfit.

Using a running stitch I created the first ruffle and attached it to the front.

I repeated the process of stitching a running stitch then attaching with the remaining two strips of fabric.

I layered all the ruffles then attached the back piece to the front at the collar.

And here's the finished top:

Cute Right? Especially the tag.

Close up of the ruffle: the best part!



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  1. very cute!! Like the combo of the different fabrics!