Monday, August 2, 2010

Do Over: Re-cycled fashion

Last week, along with launching our clothing line I spent some of my crafty-time (ie Sophia's nap-time) re-fashioning a few old t-shirts. Recycling old t-shirts (or any old clothes for that matter) into new clothing can be really fun and gratifying (or in some occasions, really frustrating and hug let down--depending on the kind of sewing day you're having).

This week I had good sewing days--mostly because my machine cooperated and did what I wanted it to do. The result? A cute t-shirt dress made from shirt my husband rarely wore, and a pair of leggings to match. The leggings, in their former life, were sleeves, attached to a shirt I found at Goodwill for a dollar.

Sophia isn't quite big enough to model these yet (they are about a 12 month size), and she is also napping (ahhh).

To get the pattern for the t-shirt dress, I took apart a dress that was handed down to Sophia--I wasn't quite a fan of the mint green color, so I had no problem ripping out the seams.
I laid the pattern on my husbands old Gibson t-shirt, making sure to use the collar that was already conveniently there. When I cut the sleeves I positioned the pattern piece in a way that made use of the sleeve hem. I covered the raw edge with material from a old purple shirt.

To make the leggings, I cut the sleeves off the Goodwill t-shirt, ripped the seams down to what would be the crotch. Sewed those seams together to create the rise (the measure from inseam to the waist). I then sewed a pocket for an elastic, trimmed the "legs" and added purple trim.

And so, here's the new Recycled Rocker-Baby outfit.



  1. What a great idea! So your mom isn't the only sewing brains of the outfit?

  2. (Jumping over from Tatertots and Jello) I must say,using sleeves as leggings...GENIUS! I will definitely try this out.