Monday, January 17, 2011

Yard Sale Sweater Re-Do

At the same yard sale that Sarah found the rocking chair, I found three 100% wool sweaters:
Two of the sweaters (the tan and maroon) were men's V-neck sweaters, the third (the blue one) was a woman's small and featured a ribbed color and full-zip front. For some reason the tan and maroon sweater did not felt very well, but the blue one came out nice and thick and tight. 
Sarah said Sophia needed something warm but not bulky for her rides in the carseat.  So I went to work on the blue sweater, with the intention of transforming it from a women's small to a little girls jacket. I cut out the zipper because it did not shrink with the rest of the sweater and created large puckers that looked like hills and valleys. (I should have taken pictures of the process but I didn't, so hopefully your imagination can fill-in the gaps:-)

I cut the sleeves to about the length they needed to be for 13 month old Sophia and added a ruffle edge:

I used the same Bali print to make a ruffle around the body of the sweater just above the ribbing.
Here's a view of the back:
In the front (where I had cut out the zipper) I finished the raw edge with more of the bali print then made two tab and button closures.

For decorative detail I added small florets at the color points to pin them down. 
Here's the finished piece:


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  1. This is so VERY it! Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  2. This is adorable! I should do this for my nieces!

  3. Wonderful recycle. Love the addition of the colorful buttons.

  4. I want a sweater like that!! Adorable!!

  5. Oh for cute! I love the sweet little buttons and fabric accents. So much cuter!

  6. Such a great sweater upcycle! You couldn't have made it any more boutique looking! I love it!

  7. adorable!! now I would love it in adult size for me!!! really cute!

  8. That is so cute. Very creative. I need to get out some of my old sweaters for winter redos!