Monday, September 13, 2010

Yard Saling with the Girls

Every year, on the second  Saturday in September all the churches in Durham,  New Hampshire have a  yard sale. Touted as a 700 + family yard sale this thing is a behemoth, and a popular one at that! The event starts at 9am, but people line up to scope out the goods WAY before. Everything is roped off with caution tape and when they blow the whistle everyone RUNS to the object of their desire.
Here's Everyone waiting for the whistle to blow.

It has been a tradition amongst the gals in my family to attend this yard sale, last year I went while 7 months pregnant with Sophia. It was great, everyone got out of the way. This year I carried Sophia on my back instead of my belly. 

My mom, sisters and a few friends  all converged on the yard sale in time to scope out a few things from a distance before mad rush.
Here's what we could see from our vantage point.
The line of people wraps around that big tree and down the street on the other side of the church. 

I was looking for a dresser to refinish, and a little rocking chair for Sophia. I didn't find a dresser, but I did find a little rocking chair which I plan to paint. It's quite sturdy and the cain seat is in great shape. 
I haven't decided on a color: I'm thinking a bright pinky-red or maybe a bright green. 
Here's Sophia enjoying her  new chair.
Here are some of our other finds: A white antique high chair ($8, mine), a yellow shelf which my  mom plans to re-paint and use in her sewing room ($20), a wall mirror ($8, my sister Rachel) and the rocking chair ($15, mine).

And this red chair: LOVE! I'm leaving it exactly the way it is with its worn read paint. So cute! I also found that galvanized bucket ($10) and a Bake King loaf pan (free!). 

And the piece de resistance! My sister, Alissa got this great steamer trunk for $20! It's going to make a great end-of-the-bed storage or coffee table. It's awesome, and who knows where it has been in its lifetime. 
Old things are SO FUN and yard sales are great way to spend a Saturday morning. Can't wait 'till next year to do it again!



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