Friday, September 24, 2010

Capturing the Moments

Last night Sophia and I were in the kitchen, just as the sun was casting a swath of evening light in through the window and onto the refrigerator. Mesmerized by her shadow, Sophia began reaching out as if to grab hold of the silhouette of the little person she saw.

I wanted to capture the moment--like I want to capture almost every moment with her. I tried to snap a few shots with one hand while helping her stand with the other. At that moment I wished I'd had a third hand, or an alter-ego that only saw the poetic moments in life and was there to take pictures.

I love the profile of her face because it reminds me of the profile from her ultra-sound, when she was still so unknown to us. I'm so grateful that what was just a silhouette is now soft little face that I can hold in my hands: kiss and caress, and so aware that this little person won't be little for long: which makes me want to savor and capture each moment even more.



  1. Lovely, lovely photos!

    Don't we all need a family photographer- someone to follow us around and capture our special moments!

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  3. You should totally put one of these photos side-by-side with an ultrasound photo! And then just copy and paste your words here as journaling below... WHA-LAH! Instant wall art. Or scrapbook page. ;)