Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Babysitting Fun

We now have all four of our children married.  And lucky for us they all live close by!!  Sophia our granddaughter and her mommy and daddy live close enough that I get to babysit once a week, which I love.

This week summer arrived with a bang...  It was  86 on Thursday, last week it was 56... go figure.
So we got out the little pool and filled it with water.  Oh such fun!!!

The water was a bit chilly right out of the hose.  She didn't seem to mind.

I am not sure I can describe the feeling I get when I look at her, my granddaughter, my daughter's is almost a rub your eyes am I really seeing this feeling.  It seems that not that long ago her mommy was this age.  I really am not THAT old am I...I don't feel it.  But oh what a JOY!!

This weekend, Sarah and Danielle ran another marathon, this time in Burlington, Vermont.  The hubbys went with them and they were staying the whole weekend.  Lucky for us we got to have Sophia for the whole weekend!!!!

What a munchkin!!!  Thanks to my friend Debbie at Deborah Zoe Photo who gave me some great answers to questions about my camera and shooting a moving target... I think I got some good shots.

Auntie Alissa came for a visit, she and her new husband just live a few blocks away, another blessing!!

They are so beautiful.

I think Grandpa and I will be exhausted by the end of the weekend, but an oh so nice kind of tired!!

Have a happy Memorial Day!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh What a deal!!!

I have been looking for a small sewing machine.  My monthly quilt group rotates houses and I am always nervous carting my Viking around, it is heavy and if I drop it, yikes, it would be, well, very very sad!!!

A few of the ladies in my quilt group have a Janome Jem Gold.  I have looked at the local sewing stores and on line and the least expensive that I found it was $199.00.

I had made a trip to my local sewing machine store because I needed some bobbins for my Viking.  They carry the Janome line and had the Jem Gold 3, the new model, I was asking the sales person about the machine, their cost was $249.  She mentioned they had a used one, someone returned in an upgrade.  The former owner had it only a few months.  
The price of the used machine was $149....whoo hoo!!!  It only took me a second to ponder, and say "I'll take it."  

So I am now the proud owner of my own Jem Gold 3!!!  

It will be useful for top stitching, it really has a very nice stitch, and I won't have to spend so much time changing thread.

And it is so portable, I will even take it on our two week vacation to the lake this summer!

I love a good deal!!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boy O Boy

More often than not when we are at a craft fair or I am talking to someone about our business they ask if we make clothing for boys.  Until now I have had to say sorry no we don't.  I began to wonder maybe I should be venturing into boy items.  It seems that all the Momma's around here are having boys.
So when the custom order came in for a boy outfit, it seemed that it was time.

 It was fun shopping for boy fabric, there are such cute fabrics out there!!

Here is what I made.

I love the elephants

Bumblebee and Sophie's new adventure, Boy Oh Boy!!!!!!  Let me know if you would like to custom order a boy outfit.  I will be featuring some new items soon and posting some items at our Etsy shop.  Keep on the lookout!!!



sew many ways

Monday, May 9, 2011

Scrap Pillow Cover

Sarah, here. How are you all? It's been a while since I've posted a blog. Life's been filled with lots of busy things: like work and running and selling our house in Arizona and a growing toddler and every once and a while the chance to sew.

Last week I had a free evening, and after putting Sophia to bed, started making this scrap pillow cover. I sat at my sewing table listening to a book on tape, letting my mind wander as I randomly pieced together fabrics from my scrap bucket. It was perfectly relaxing:-)

After I'd pieced together a fairly large square/rectangle, I used my rotary cutter to cut it down to a 21" square. I used white fabric to back it and made a 20x20 pillow.

 Couldn't get a smile out of this little grump this morning.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

My blog spot

The Blog Guidebook is having a "Where is your blogsopt linky party", so I thought I might join in.

Blogging is really very new to me.  Last summer, Sarah, my daughter and I started a business making little girl clothing and accessories.   I had made my new Granddaughter Sophia a quilt and other bedding, and covered an old armchair for the nursery.

It came out well and we started exploring the idea of a business.  I have sewn since I was 10 years old, had wanted to make items to sell but was stumped as to how to go about the whole process.  Sarah (my daughter was rather savy in the computer and business side of things, so she took over that part and I began sewing.  We wanted also to share our day to day lives as well as the items we were making for sale.   Sarah was the main blogger at first,  I was a bit scared of the whole process.  But, over time I have gotten more brave and ventured out in the blogging world.

Where do I like to blog?  Usually somewhere comfortable.  My living room mostly, it is a comfortable place to be.

Sometimes I will blog in my sewing room, but often there are too many projects screaming to be done.

When the weather gets warmer I think I will move out to the deck, I love my private backyard, the birds and the green are a nice place to be, rather inspiring.

It is a little more green now than this picture shows.  When it is summer and the leaves are out fully it is a real haven.

I really have come to enjoy blogging, I love to share the projects I am working on, and it also motivates me to keep creating and sewing.  It gives me joy when someone comments on a blog, or an item that I have made!  I have enjoyed coming in contact with new people in the blogging world.  It has been exciting reading blogs from people all over the world, seeing the wonderful creativity of so many.   I  hope someday to meet some of these creative folks face to face.  

Have a great day,

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sewing Machine Cover

Not too long ago I posted about  the cover I made for my sewing machine.  You can find that post here.
Quilting is one of my loves!!

So I made another one.

This one is going up on Etsy next week so check it out.

 I will also be happy to make custom orders for you... just let me know.

This fits my Viking Lily.


sew many ways