Monday, September 20, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Over the river and through the woods to Great-grandpa's house we go! That was our (Me: Sarah, my husband Mark and daughter Sophia) weekend: a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my grandfather and Sophia's great-grandfather. The weather was absolutely gorgeous for the few days that we were there, which afforded us a nice afternoon at the Trexler Nature Preserve and Lehigh Valley Zoo. If you happen to live in the area it is a great place to spend the afternoon, especially the Trexler Nature Preserve; there is no admission to the preserve and the views at some of high points along the car-path are amazing: vistas of the entire Lehigh Valley. There were a few picnic tables along the way: perfect for a picnic lunch.
At nine and half months I wasn't quite sure what kind of reaction to expect from Sophia at the Zoo. We were all surprised at her response, while she wasn't able to distinguish some of the smaller animals in their natural habitat enclosures (like a lynx among trees) she was able to see and observe the larger animals: the camel, ostrich and zebra. 

And she was fearless when we arrived at the goat pen, of course it helped that the goats were equally as interested in her (well, the food they thought we had) as she was in them. 
The trip gave my grandfather the perfect opportunity to show off his great-granddaughter to his neighbors, the members of his church and his favorite waitress at Yannni's Tavern, a greek restaurant in the town where he lives. This trip was really about Sophia and her great-grandpa, we were just along for the ride:-)
I love how nothing changes from the first picture to the second, except for Sophia's expression. 

Of course, this trip was really about Sophia and her great-grandpa, we were just along for the ride:-)



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