Friday, September 10, 2010

Weddings Weddings Everywhere

It seems like so many people are getting married this year (my youngest sister included). Along with making me feel like I'm getting old, it makes me happy and excited! I've been lucky enough to be a part of all my sisters wedding plans: dress shopping, picking out flowers, talking colors and caterers. It's fun, mostly because I love the organized, creative aspect of it. I thoroughly enjoyed planning my wedding (at least that's how I remember it: my Mom or Husband may tell a different tale.)

What's adds even more fun is that a friend of mine asked me to do the floral arrangements for her wedding reception. My mind has been a buzz with all kinds of creative ideas: think fall, think vintage, think natural, think beautiful! There's inspiration everywhere, like on Wednesday I went for a run in the woods and everywhere I looked: IDEAS!  

Here's some inspiration I've been looking at:


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  1. I love it! Your friend is very lucky to have you on her design team! ;)
    - Anna