Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let the Vacations begin!

We (my husband John and I) are doing a lot of traveling this summer.  Not usual for us, but, I will take it!!  I love to travel.  See other parts of the country and world, how people live and where they shop... I think I have realized most places are a lot like around little old New Hampshire.

My husband had a trade show to attend, in Vancouver, British Columbia, he thought it would be a great idea for me to join him.  I thought so too!!!!  He left early on Tuesday, and I followed on Wednesday. The Trade show lasted till Thursday afternoon.  Which meant I got to wander around Vancouver for the day!

Here are some photos of my wanderings.

 The bridge from Vancouver proper to Granville Island

I wish I could shop here every week!!

A short water taxi ride to another part of Vancouver

I told hubs this would make a nice birthday present!!  Fun to dream...

When the trade show was over we were off to a "secret" location... I did not know where we were going to spend the rest of the 4 days???  We drove to the ferry and ended up here.

A 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay.

  We had a cute, cute studio,  a short walk from water, town, and trails for hiking.  PERFECT!!!
The scenery was stunning to say the least!!  

Beaches "littered" with driftwood, huge logs, trees... amazing!

This is a log!  Too bad for the helmet hair, we were on bikes.  Oh did I mention the HILLS!
Bald Eagles 

Took me a while to set up this shot, he is so patient!!

The base of a burned out tree, absolutely HUGE!!!

Really cute tug boats

Sailboat races

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where O Where...

Most of you are probably wondering where I have been in the last couple of weeks... busy...traveling and making some custom orders.  Just want to give you a peek at what I have been doing and hopefully will blog more about my adventures in the coming weeks.

More aprons

and boy rompers

a sewing machine cover

Visiting Vancouver, British Columbia

Oh and I started the patternmaking course over at Whipstitch, and I am already behind...

Hope you are well, be back soon.