Friday, December 3, 2010

My Inner-Interior Designer

Before I became a stay at home mom, I was a high school English teacher, before I became a teacher I wanted to be a Registered Dietitian, before that I wanted to play basketball in the WNBA, and before that I wanted to have a farm and own lots of horses and before that, when I was ten years old I wanted to be an interior designer. 

It started with decorating my room (with horses and pink of course) and then moved to helping with all the Christmas decorations and then got to the point where my mom started asking me to make flower arrangements, dress the mantle at Christmas and "change things around" in the living room to make it look "pretty." Some how interior decorating got wired into me at an early age, so when someone asks me to help with their wedding flowers or reception decor I jump at the chance. I've done the flowers and decor for five weddings, including my own. It's fun, and the time crunch aspect of it is an adrenaline rush--sort of, it can be kind of stressful...but still thrilling, especially when you finish it all and it looks AWESOME. 

Here are a few of the weddings I've done:
 That's me on the left and my friend (also named) Sarah, prepping the tulips. The colors: summer sunset.
Unfortunately this one is black and white, so you can't see the colors of my bouquet (think summer sunset), but you can get the shape. All our wedding photos are currently in storage at the moment--along with all our other things too (this is a long story.)
Photo by Ruth Hayden
 This is my sister Rachel's wedding. I helped with her bouquet, so that she wouldn't have to stress about it.
Photo by Ruth Hayden
She had a bright fall wedding.

And then this fall (maybe you'll remember from the post in October) I did the arrangements for a friend of mine who was having a "vintage fall wedding."

Photos courtesy Deborah Zoe Photo

My youngest sister is getting married in February and she's asked for my help in coming up with the decor and arranging some of the flowers. Fun! I love it! I can't wait!

 My sister is a very Classy lady (classy with a capital C, because she is THAT classy). She has good taste (I'd like to think I had something to do with that). She's a beautiful gal too. So Classy plus can see why her fiance wanted to marry her. 

We visited their reception venue a few weeks ago to take a peek. It is currently undergoing renovations that are slated to be done by January 1st (we've got our fingers crossed).

 There's both my sisters, Alissa on the left and Rachel on the right and my sister Alissa's fiance, Andy. This is the walk up to the venue, should be very romantic in the evening light of winter.

And this has the potential to be the best "before and after" you've ever seen...remember this place is undergoing renovations.
Here's the hall as you walk in.  It is an old mill building and has a great urban/loft feel to it. 

 Even under construction it's still very cool.

And that's a's getting removed. So is the toilet. They are in the middle of the room at the moment.

Be sure to stay keep checking back for updates on planning the decor for this winter wedding:-)


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  1. Me too. I love the idea of a winter magical!

  2. Looking forward to it! And you're right about the classy and beautiful...

  3. Wow! Your designs are beautiful. What a lucky sister that you're on her side!