Saturday, December 11, 2010

We're at the NEST!

We are so excited to announce that Bumblebee & Sophie is now featured at NEST Maternity and Baby on Islington Street in Portsmouth, NH. 

The NEST is a super cute mommy and baby boutique that I first happened upon when I was searching for a Bella Band back when I was only a few months pregnant. They are the only local retailer of the Bella Band (btw the Bella Band was WAY worth it, I had two other bands and the Bella was the only band that maintained its elasticity and actually held me in when I exercised). 

Sara McCarthy, the owner, has a passion for organic, locally made and handmade items. She tries to ensure that everything sold in the shop is made in the USA. 

If you happen to be in Portsmouth be sure to stop by: they are carrying a few pieces from our Fall Collection including the "Chelsey Peasant Dress" and the "Poppy Tunic" along with an assortment of pacifier clips.

Check us out!



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