Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yoga Mat Bag

I occasionally do yoga in my living room. That is when all the "stars" align: Sophia's nap-time, my motivation, a living room floor clear of toys.

I have a yoga mat that usually gets rolled up and stashed in a corner. When I have reason to take my yoga mat outside of my living room, it usually gets rolled up and tucked under my arm. This past weekend I thought I might take a yoga class the day after Thanksgiving, so I decided that my mat had been tucked under my arm one too many times and it was time for a bag. I measured, calculated and cut my own pattern and then sewed all the pieces together. This is what I got:

If you're interested in the pattern it will be available at our Etsy Shop in the next few days. And if you're not too keen on making your own, then you can pick your fabric and we'll make one for you. Just contact us via email.



  1. These yoga mat bag designs look really pretty. There are also some people who try to create a DIY yoga mat bag by using their old blue jeans. If you're creative it can turn out quite nice too

    Thick Yoga Mat

  2. Love this yoga bag! Cute bumble bee tag too!