Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Wedding Reveal

Saturday turned out to be an absolutely beautiful fall day: perfectly clear blue skies, crisp warm air, and light breeze that made the colorful leaves dance down from the trees. I spent a good part of the morning setting up and arranging the decorations at the reception sight and this is how they came out:
Here's a look at the center pieces from a distance.

And here's a closer look: check out the great photos from Emily and Jay's engagement photo shoot with Deborah Zoe Photo.

Here's a close up: those are electric candles in there. Love them. Great way to uplight the branches.

These were on the cocktail tables. 

  This was the dessert table.
Here's a look at the layout under the tent. Love the lanterns!
 We kept it simple on the cafe tables with just mason jars and votive candles. And that's my husband building the fire for the s'mores. 
The glowing fire...
The glowing tent...
 And the glowing bride and groom.

It was a happy day for sure!


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  1. Beautiful, creative arrangements, Sarah. Thanks for the photos. It was a beautiful day, and you were part of making it that way.


  2. Sarah, I love these. I have used so many tree branches in decorating. I have a neat one on my blog right now under holiday decor. Take a look if you get a chance. It is a tree limb in a vase filled with popcorn with found objects hanging...skeleton key, hardware, earrings. I think you and I were cut from the same mold! lol Take care.

  3. Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog- I finally got time after the show and after sick kids to touch base with you. I love your centerpieces. It is a great way to use nature and take it to the next level with the pictures. It looks like it was a great non-stressful (which is a big bonus) wedding reception.