Monday, December 6, 2010

From the Studio: Art Sale Recap

We had a fantastic day on Saturday! It was such a festive time, outside the local Lions Club was selling Christmas Trees and every now and then the gray sky would spit out little flakes of snow. It certianly felt like Christmas! 
Quite a few of our dresses and accessories found loving homes and we were able to connect with some very talented artisans. Here's a peak at what we saw:
The set up: only 9 other artisans. Small, but the quality was outstanding.

Bronze Avocado by the Green Foundry.

More Bronze work by the Green Foundry.

Beautiful crochet pieces by 04107 Designs. (She had these amazing, antiqued frames all in white, that she used to display her pieces. They were AMAZING. So whimsical. I wanted them:-)

Rose Dow, displaying her photography of local landscapes in Maine and New Hampshire.

Jewelry displayed by Leslie of Creations by Leslie. 

Amazing pewter box and vases by Anne Thompson of Ann Thompson Handmade Pewter.

Robin Roaf of Mast Cove Pottery had some lovely things on display. Not only is she and incredibly talented potter but she's also the amazing lady who organized this event, and for her it was a family affair. Her daughter Rose is the photographer, her son is from the Green Foundry and does the bronze work and her mother was also there selling her lovely artwork--talented people these folks!

Pretty clay ornaments.
Impression of a leaf on a plate.
Festive boxwood trees.

Stained Glass tree by Gerri.
Another talented artist Burce Iverson was also there displaying his Chinese brush paintings, he understandably did not want pictures taken of his work, but it was beautiful. 
And my absolute favorite thing at the show were these AMAZING bags made from reclaimed sailboat sails. How COOL are they? Every few minutes for the duration of the show (9am to 3pm) I would glance over and covet these bags--especially the gray one with red straps that had a number seven on it. The lady behind Hoist Away Bags, Laura, uses as much of the sail as she possibly can and tries to incorporate elements like logos, grommets and the pattern of the sail into the bags. I really fell in love (you can tell, I took the most pictures of these bags). Unfortunately, the one I really liked was a little out of my price range. But they are still on my radar. 

And then of course there was a few new things we had on display. 
Peasant dress in super cute fabrics, I wanted to snatch this one up for my Sophia. 
Lots of new paci-clips.

So a big thanks to Robin Roaf who made this whole event possible and to all the talented artisans! Can't wait for next year.

Most of the artisans have websites. Some did not. If you are interested in their work I can pass along email information. Just get in touch with us.

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  1. Looks like a very talented bunch! I'm glad to hear you had a good time!!