Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a Penguin Party

This Sunday we celebrated Sophia's birthday with a little Penguin themed party. It all started with a little plush penguin, then I found these great napkins at Target and the tin my mom already had. That got my wheels turning and I decided I'd attempt to make an igloo cake. 
Cute little penguins.

To make the cake I used two box cake mixes and store-bought frosting. For the dome-mold I used a pyrex, oven-safe glass bowl (Martha Stewart makes an Igloo cake mold, which costs $59.99, I bought the pyrex bowl at a local kitchen store for $2.39). I put about 3/4 of the mix in the bowl and bake it at 350 for almost an hour.Then I put the rest of the mix into my muffin pan to make cupcakes (and baked them at the recommended time).
 Once the cake had cooled I place it on a tray and then I cut the tops of two cupcakes and cut the cupcakes in half, so I had four half circles. These were for the doorway. To form the doorway I put a little frosting on the tray as "glue" then stacked the half circles two high and two deep. Then I covered the whole thing in white frosting. I used blue frosting to make two little ponds (I should have used gel frosting for a more realistic look, but I didn't have it. Next time.). Around the igloo is placed "Frosty and Friends" ornaments (there was no way I was making fondant penguins!). Here's how it all came out:

Putting the finishing touches on the cake while Sophia looks on.

The birthday girl chatting up with guests.

A little apprehensive at all the attention, and the giant igloo coming towards her.

Time to blow out the candle.
 First taste.

 Digging in.
This is the "ice cream is COLD!" face.
Daddy went in for a closer look and got a little frosting slap on the cheek.
Diving in to the presents.
Loving the baby doll. (Notice the little penguin on her shirt and there are penguins on her socks too:-)
But loving the puppet even more.
Big kisses for the puppet.

Overall it was a success and so much fun! A year sure went by fast.


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  1. Oh my word - her face in that puppet one... SO CUTE! Love her enthusiasm. :) 1 year - well done Mummy and Daddio!

    - Anna

  2. I'm jealous of your penguin napkins! They're so cute. Not as cute as your daughter's frosting face, though!