Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planning A Penguin Birthday

Sophia turns 1 in nine days. Every says it goes so fast, and when they do you think "Yeah, OK. EVERYONE is saying that to me, it is so cliche!" The thing is it is not just cliche, it's TRUE. And because of that you start repeating it to other people...and you become THAT person. This year has gone by so fast and it is hard to believe that just a year ago at this time I was counting down the days, hugely pregnant, waiting, trying to stay busy, just plain excited and anxious to meet my little girl. And then she arrived in a blaze of speedy glory (this girl wanted OUT!) and suddenly I understood the meaning of a  birthday. Seriously, giving birth changes your perspectives on birthdays--it really should be all about the moms.

Sophia seems to be fascinated with Penguins lately--well since I bought her a little plush penguin at HM for $3 and we watch the movie "Happy Feet" (Disney's animated penguin movie) when she was sick several months ago. Poor girl was feverish and all she wanted to do was sit in my lap and suck her thumb. Maybe the whole penguin thing is made up in my mind (I mean really, she's only one), but I thought it would make a good theme for her Birthday party.

Here are the invitations I made on our Mac using Pages. I printed them on glossy post cards from Staples--and because I was trying to write this blog post AND print at the same time, it took four attempts to get the invitations printed on the correct side, facing the correct much for multi-tasking.

I've blocked out personal information, but you get the idea.

And since we're doing a penguin theme I though an Igloo cake would be a prefect addition. Here's what I'll be attempting to duplicate, although I won't be using fondant for the icing or making little fondant penguins. I have a few ideas up my sleeve that should duplicate the look but be WAY more simple. I'll be posting about that when the day comes:-)

Can't wait to share the pictures from the party!



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