Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrate the Harvest...of Burp Cloths

When I told my husband we were doing a series of blog posts with the theme and title: "Celebrating the Harvest' he asked "What are you celebrating a harvest of burp cloths?" While that wasn't my intention originally, my plan was to include harvest crafts and recipes and things like that, I realized this week that with the latest batch of burp cloths I made, it is a bit of a "harvest" so why not celebrate that by showing you some pictures!
Here's a look at the new fabrics. L-O-V-E them!

Birds and Bird cages.
Brown Damask and Pink Bees.
Turquoise and Brown stripe with matching dots.
And I made a few new card wallets too, in some very fun colors!

So there's last weeks "Sewing Harvest."  



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