Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday vs. Small Business Saturday

Today is "Black Friday" a day where people typically flock to big box stores to get deals on all kinds of mass produced clothes, toys, electronics and more. I'm not against shopping (I L-O-V-E to shop...especially for fabric). And I'm not against big box stores-- I love saving money, I like a good deal and I really like Target. With that said, starting Bumblebee and Sophie has ushered me into a world I oblivious to before: the world of local crafters and artisans. These people live in your community and spend their time turning their talents into works of art, jewelry, clothing, pottery...And I would wager a guess that most of these people are doing what they do because they love it.

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday, for the first time people are making a commitment to shop local and support small businesses. for more information and to get involved check out their Facebook page:

This Christmas, I'm trying to buy local for all my gifts...either that or make them. Although buying local can sometimes mean spending more money, it is money well spent if you consider it an investment in your community and if you're buying direct from the crafter or artisan it is a way to build a relationship too.

Here are a few of our favorite shops that feature the work of local artisans and crafters:

303 Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820

56 North Main St.
Rochester, NH 03867

Poppy Seed Studio
82 High Street
Somersworth, NH 03878

601 Islington St
PortsmouthNH 03801
(603) 501-0875


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