Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harvest Card

I noticed this past week in the card isle of the Grocery store a growing number of Thanksgiving cards. I suppose every other holiday and occasion has cards, so why not Thanksgiving? Given that cards are soooo expensive,  making your own is a great idea! And if you happen to had a scrap bag, a great use of those odd-shaped little pieces of fabric.
Here's how I made mine:
 I happened to have card stock and matching envelopes from the "intro paper packet" that came with our printer (so many years ago when we bought it). They are a nice heavy weight and have a pre-fold crease down the middle. 

I grabbed a few harvest colored fabrics from my scrap bag...
...and sewed one of the squares onto the card.
I added another piece of fabric, gathering it as I sewed to create a ruffle.
I picked out a couple more fabrics and gathered them in a way that resembled a leaf, then sewed them together across the base.

 I added the leaf to the card by sewing "veins" up and down the leaf shape. (Sorry this picture is so fuzzy...I need to invest in a better camera)
I added the message: "Happy Harvest" and my fabric card was done!


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