Monday, November 8, 2010

Craft Fair Display

 So the craft fair on Saturday was a bit of a bust (we only sold two items:[ ) but we did get to interact with some really great people and were told by two passers-by that they had seen our stuff before! Very cool. We Had a lot of fun with the display, here are a few looks:

I got this high chair at a yard sale earlier this fall for $8.00! Perfect for showing off our things!

Another look at our display (the baseball fabric in the back is NOT ours, just the lady next to us who was selling flannel pajama pants).
The vendor next to us let us borrow this little spindle rack, we ended up liking it so much we bought it off her for $2.00! 

 Here's a look at the table (above) and a grouping of clothing we had pinned to a laundry drying rack (below).
And some of our wallets:

Hopefully we'll do better at our next craft fair on November 21st in Greenland, NH!


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  1. Very cute display. I recently found this laundry drying rack that is really big and spins. I took it to my first craft fair a week ago and I found people looked at more items since they could stand in one place and spin the items to were they were.