Monday, November 22, 2010

Craft Fair Recap

Sunday's craft fair was a success! And a whole lot of fun too, there were lots of talented people with some very beautiful things. We debut two new dresses ("Dakota" and "Chelsey") a few new skirts and some terry burp cloths in some great new fabrics (I'll save those for another post:-).  

Our booth was set up in a middle school gym, so you can imagine the lighting was fabulous for pictures;-)
Here are the new dresses: "Dakota" on the left and "Chelsey" on the right--don't you just love the multi-checks and the blue circles! Both these dresses went to home with cute little girls.

Still in love with my vintage high chair!

New skirts in fun wintery colors--and a cute little appliqued onesie to match! Plus that pink jumper there on the side is FLANNEL! Super soft flannel;-)

There was a lady across from us, from Country Snowmen and Friends selling adorable snowmen. I bought this little guy who I'll give away this Christmas.

And before the craft fair even started another crafter, Shawna from Olivia's Journee came up and requested bib clips--something I haven't made before, but I jumped at the chance to do a custom order and so we made a trade: custom bib clip for this ring. 
I love it! Unfortunately the lighting doesn't do the colors of this ring justice, but I wanted to get the pictures up. Really the background is a light blue which makes the pink and reds really pop. And I actually wear it on my right hand, but do you know how hard it is to hold a camera in your left hand and take a picture of your right hand when you are right handed? Um. It's hard. 

So that was our Greenland Women's Craft Fair experience. Hopefully we'll be back next year!



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