Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Christmas Crafts

At this time last year I had four weeks 'till my due date. I was eight months pregnant, had just been laid off from my teaching job and had already washed and folded and organized all of Sophia's clothes. I had nothing to do and was in serious nesting mode. I focused all that energy in to crafty Christmas projects: making felt ornaments was one of those projects. They were a perfect portable craft (I could take them to the Dr.s office and work on them while I waited) and I ended up giving many of them as gifts (tied to gifts like a hang tag, hung around the neck of a bottle of wine, tied to a gift get the picture).

I used my cookie cutters as templates. I have a small but eclectic mix of cookie cutters that includes a cactus, lobster and lighthouse. I bought them one Christmas in homage to our roots on the East Coast and our time spent living in Arizona.

I bought a large selection of 8x11 pieces of felt and box of 38 different colored embroidery floss. I don't remember the total cost, but it wasn't much. 

 I traced the cookie cutters onto the felt with a dark marker, cut two pieces out (often in complementary contrasting colors, like bright green and dark green) and then used a blanket stitch to stitch the two pieces together. If you don't know how to do a blanket stitch you can find a great tutorial here.
 Cut and pinned, before stitching.
 After stitching.
 Christmas Cactus.

The sky is the limit when it comes to things you can make! Have fun! And email us your creations so we can feature them on our blog!

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  1. Just love felt ornaments. Heck...felt almost anything. These turned out so cute.

  2. I'm a newish follower and really enjoy your blog. This is a great idea with the cookie cutters. I haven't worked much in felt but tonight I shall enjoy the TV and try some. Thanks for the inspiration :)