Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music Stand Gig Bag

My husband is a musician, he leads worship in our church and often needs to carry his music stand to practices.  He asked me to make a bag for it, nothing special he said... just a bag.
I pulled some "manly" looking fabric out of my stash.  I measured the length and added several inches {sorry,  I didn't write down the exact measurements} you need to add enough for the box end and the draw string top.  I also measured around the widest part of the folded stand, and again added several inches, for seams and for extra room.
I added some pizzazz with a little piecing, no ordinary bag for my music man!
I put two button holes in for the draw cord.  And folded over the edge for the casing for the drawstring.
I cut a lining the same size as the top and sewed the two together.  Then folded it in half and serged the inside seam.
I boxed the bottom, oops, forgot to take pictures of that step...It is really simple to do, next time I will show you...
Here is the finished product!  The "Music Man" loves it!  Really "Fancy" he said. But, don't tell him it was really simple!!

Play on.


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