Wednesday, March 9, 2011

$5 Bouquet

Last week I had to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels at Walmart. While I was there I walked past their fresh flowers, turned around and walked back and plucked a colorful bunch. It was only $5 and was quite full and had a nice variety. When I got home I put them in a mason jar. It was exactly what I needed: we've had a L-O-N-G winter and I've got a hankering for Spring something bad! 

Here are a few tips for making grocery store (or Walmart) packaged flowers into a nice arrangement.

1. trim all leaves from the stems
2. always build from the center; select two to three stems to serve as the center hold them up to your vase and decide how tall you want the arrangement to be (remember the taller you make it the more flowers you need to make the arrangement stand straight up in the vase)
3. add flowers around your center flowers, trimming the ends so that the height of the flowers slowly descends to the rim of the vase (as you add flowers one stem at a time the arrangement will start to stand on its own, don't worry if it leans to the side at first)
4. add twigs and greenery for interest (grab whatever you have from the back yard)
5. add water last (I find this easier that way if you have to pull stems out to trim to a different length they aren't dripping all over the floor and countertop)

Bring on Spring!

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