Thursday, March 10, 2011

Indie Biz 3.0 Binder

I'm taking Indie Biz 3.0, and awesome online class put on by three fabulously crafty and successful ladies.
I've been a bit behind on my assignments, due to some of the craziness of life these past few weeks. But this weekend I finally had the chance to sit down and make my class binder (the first assignment). I tried to keep it simple with a lot of store bought additions (like stickers and pre-made scrapbooking cuteness) and this is what I came up with:
 "See through" 99 cent binder from Staples, dressed up with a little birdie.
"Seeing through to the Intro page"
Cute little birdie:-)
A few fabric scraps sewn to a sheet of card stock paper. Ruffles. Love them!
"Velvet" feel stickers dress up the pocket folder. Plus another little birdie.
Pocket folder for inspiration and extra things.
A second pocket folder for more things/ideas/scraps of paper.
Labels that came int he scrapbook pack I picked up at JoAnns.

A closer look at that ruffle.

So far the class has been fantastic! A stirring the creative pot in my mind!


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  1. This is really cute! I'm working on a binder for my blog/shop because I am horrible about either not writing stuff down at all or scribbling on a million post it's and index cards which I lose. Thanks for some ideas of making my binder a little less boring!