Monday, March 21, 2011

When You're sick, Nothing Gets Done

I left the house yesterday for the first time in four days (not counting the trip to Urgent Care). It felt good, except it was cold again. I missed all the nice 50-degee weather, thanks to an ear infection and a massive cold. Now that I've been on antibiotics and have been 'forced' to rest, I feel quite a bit better. However, all the things that normally would happen: like laundry and a clean house, oh yeah and the custom order I was supposed to ship Friday; all those things, did't get done.

But I'll share with you a picture of the little dress I'm working on for my friend's daughter (I did most of it before I got sick and haven't been able to finish it). It's very cute! My plan is to finish and ship it today (which means I'm ignoring the laundry that needs folding and the bathroom that is oh-so-dirty).
 The Hem. Love that ric-rac detail! Obviously not sewn in place yet....that's the part I still have to finish. 
Cute Little Pocket.


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  1. Sarah- this is wonderful! Thankyou so much!what a work of art you have made! Can't wait to see it all!!!!!!