Friday, October 29, 2010

Heap O' Scraps

My mom, Cindy and I had our weekly meeting on Wednesday to brainstorm new looks, order new fabric (so excited to share this with you when it arrives!) and create a plan of action to prepare for our Holiday Craft Fair schedule.

There are a few exciting things in the works, including some very cute and festive (but not overly cliche- Christmassy) fabrics. When it comes to choosing fabrics I like to choose things that are not so "literal" in their interpretation: for example "girly" doesn't always have to be pastel pink and purple or floral a. You can probably see evidence of this theory in some of the fabric selections we have already made. And we've applied the same idea to the Holiday fabrics we have chosen: you won't find any red or green or snowmen or Santas (thank goodness!). Be sure to stay tuned for previews and finished products!

I love our brainstorming meetings because I leave feeling inspired. This time I left not only with inspiration but with a whole heap of scraps too (you might recognize some of our dress and tunic fabrics in this mix). Today I plan to make something of them. Check back later to see what comes of all these little pieces of goodness!


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  1. Oooh, fun! Hope you enjoy turning a pile of scraps into something useful and adorable! :-)