Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Dress

Obviously I haven't posted any pictures of me from the wedding this past weekend in "the dress." Needless to say I did not wear it. I never had time to finish it, with all the prep for the centerpieces. But I thought some of you might like to see how it turned out...

Remember this was my inspiration:
And this is the 3/4 finished results:
What I envisioned was a knee length skirt (got that) that had elegant draping from one side to the opposite hip (what you see is pinned into place and more awkward than elegant and the side seam bulky and yucky-looking). 
Here it is with the crushed velvet which I was going to sew into a belt and attache to the dress at the waist (it just tied in the back in this picture).

Better...but still.
Now I know it doesn't look THAT bad from these pictures but let me point out a few things that you can't see that well in these mirror shots.

The seams on the back are uneven (slightly skewed to the left) making my but look lopsided. It's hard to see it in these pictures because of the lighting and the fact that I'm trying to take a picture of my back in a mirror, which is harder to do than you think.
And that side seam with the draping is bulky.

Also you will notice there is NO ZIPPER OR BUTTONS. This makes for a very awkward on/off routine that involves eeking my shoulders through the waste then smooshing my boobs down in order to pull the dress in to place. Now the reason for the no zipper is that I'm lazy, also my original plan involved a gathered skirt not a fitted one (but that looked worse) so I never bought a zipper in the first place.

So as it is the dress is "unfinished." The draped portion is still not sewn into place (just pinned for the picture):

 So I have several options: 

1. Finish the dress and wear it somewhere (other than around the house).
2. Take the sweater vest off the top of the dress, buy a ZIPPER, get un-lazy and add the zipper to the skirt and re-do the side seams to center the darts on the back.
3. Take the dress apart completely and re-use the plaid for something else: like a bag or a skirt for Sophia. 

What do YOU think I should do?



  1. Bring it over on Thursday, I have some zippers, and you are off to a good start, like the idea! Its kind of like an essay... re-write and re-write...


  2. Yes, add the zipper! I'm wondering what it would look like as more of a fitted shift dress? I kind of liked the looks of the skirt better without the draping piece. I loved the velvet belt contrast! Also was thinking the top could be dressed up a bit more if you found a way to incorporate some of the crushed velvet somehow... a velvet flower, ruffle, or just as a kind of piping around the neckline? If you can get the darts where you want, that would be one hot dress great for other fall/winter events! you could even make yourself a matching clutch?! You have such a great idea with mixing/matching the elements you did, go for it!