Monday, October 11, 2010

Up-Coming Projects

So this past week has been a little slow in the sewing-lane for me, but I've got quite a list of new projects for myself for the coming weeks:

  • finish a chair pad for our Eddie Bauer high chair (complete tutorial coming too!)
  • make a bunch more burp cloths
  • try making a zippered pouch with some laminated fabric
  • experiment with different sized wallets and business card holders
  • and make a few pillow covers

My goal for this week is to finish the chair pad and the tutorial that goes along with it, and hopefully get to a few burp cloths too. By the time I finish the things on this list it will be time to think about making Christmas presents...or maybe I should start on that now. It's not too far away you know!

And you know what Christmas means? Surprised, happy faces like this one:
 ...and this one
 and these...

I can't wait!


  1. Hi Sarah! I'm heading out on an expedition with Nia today to the sewing store, because I need a paci clip TODAY and it just can't wait! She may be nearing 2, but she still needs her pacifier to feel comforted at night.

    The problem is when she wakes up and has lost it over the side or in the covers somewhere... then she looks around for it for a while, waking up in the process, then she starts crying and one of us has to wake up and go replace the paci. SO ANNOYING! One of us has gotten up at least once a night for the past few weeks to stick it back in, but today's the day I get in gear and sort the problem out! Before all ours were lost or broken, she used to just grab it in her sleep and carry on.

    Just wanted to say that people may think those pacifier clips are for just a specific (younger) age, but DANG, it is worth it for older kids as well! :)

    - Anna

  2. Anna
    Little Dash will be getting one of his very own:-) It should be arriving soon in a package sent by your mom. Too bad I didn't think to send two! Oh well. Sounds like you'll have a fun project:-)