Friday, March 30, 2012

Setting Priorities

I have not been a part of Blogland for very long, a year and a half or so.  In the beginning my daughter and then business partner was doing most of the posts.  This freed me up to do most of the sewing.  But my daughter is now concentrating on Sophia and #2 who will come in September.  That leaves me to do the posting and the sewing.

Sarah and Sophia at the Fryeburg Fair last fall
When I look around at all the blogs I have begun to follow I am amazed that most are written by young stay at home moms.  To be honest I don't know how they do it.  I am old enough to be their Mother,  I have no kids at home, (I do babysit, three mornings a week), I am NOT scrapbooking any more, so maybe I don't have the energy...but no,  I don't think it is energy.  I am competing in two maybe three Triathlons this summer (TriGrandmatry) ...I have energy.  I have decided it comes down to priorities (MINE).  Please don't read that I think their priorities are wrong!!!!!!  MINE are...

So I have been asking myself some questions...

What are my priorities??  What am I trying to accomplish?  What really matters to me?

These are my priorities, this is my list.

1.  My relationship with Jesus, worshiping Him!
      The more I spend time reading my Bible, the more I find my worth in HIM not in what I do.  I am      trying to accomplish peace and joy in my life, which brings security.
2.  My relationship with my husband of 32 years!
     It really matters to me that I get to spend time with this wonderful man!!!  A good marriage takes TIME, we no longer have kids at home and I am excited about cultivating friendship with my husband, so evenings are for the most part together.  Sometimes he reads in my sewing room so I can sew :-)).

3.  My relationships with my children and their families
     My children are all married, I have two granddaughters and two on the way!!  And they live close, so I have the privilege of seeing them often!!!

4.  Taking care of the home we have and feeding my husband and whoever stops by for a meal...

5.  Being a part of a church family, fellowship with friends!

6. Taking care of for the Triathlons, and really life...I plan to live a long one God willing!!

7.  My small business, Bumblebee and Sophie

8.  Blogs, both of them

I will continue to blog, showing what I am making, what is going into my shop and life in general.  I will not be linking anymore, while it has brought traffic to my blog, not many comments come and really no traffic or sales in my shop.

I hope you will still follow along and visit and comment!

Here are a few pictures of a messenger bag I made.  I used the Basic Messenger Bag from MMMCrafts.  This is a great pattern, with excellent directions!  A little bit of fun on the flap!!
It is available in my Etsy Shop.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Where I am linking this one last time!  I have enjoyed meeting some of you please come back and visit!


  1. Good for you! Can't wait to see what kind of creativity ensues from your freedom:-)

    Ps i've been thinking a lot about that quote: Comparison is the their of joy. Its a good one to meditate on.

  2. I love this blog! And your priorities! I can only hope when Mat and I are married 32 years, we'll be as cute as you... though I can see it being me reading in his woodworking shop or something! You are wonderul and creative and amazing. and I LOOOVE that bag!!!

  3. Great post,love your blog following from Creative Monday hop,Thanks for linking up with us your bag is amazing :)

  4. What a great bag! I have recently come head on with health issue that puts your mortality in your face. I think your priorities are great! My health issue has really put things in to a whole new light. I have begun looking at my priorities. Enjoy your journey!