Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Look what I found!!

I am in the process of purging and cleaning and organizing my sewing room you can check that out here.  I acutally finished today!! YEAH!!  But before I share the room, I will share a couple of quilts I un-earthed, two are yet to be finished!! And one I would love to give away to someone who wants to give it a home.  So here is what I found.

This quilt was a combined effort from my quilt group, Winding Ways, we each chose the fabric for our own quilt and passed out to the others.  The theme was stars and each of us chose a star pattern that we made in each others fabric.  My friend Sue at The Promise of  Hannah Long Arm Quilting, she did a fabulous job!!

The center is my favorite

Isn't the quilting great

I like the way the sun makes the quilting have dimension 
Not the fabrics I would choose now, but I still like it.  

This quilt I made from a bunch of scraps, I was trying to be artistic, still needs finishing.  What do you think??

random scraps

The main part is random machine quilting, I still need to quilt the borders, not sure why I didn't quilt them when I did the center???
This next one has hung in my living room for many years, but had to make room for a painting by my father-in-law.  I would love to give it to the first person who comments that they would like it and provides me with an email.  GONE...congrats Evie!!  You should know that some of the hearts are coming off, they were attached with heat and bond, many moons ago...

I had originally made two this one was Country House, the other, which I am not sure where it is... was bright colors and called City House.

Later in the week I will show you the finished sewing room!

Have a great day


  1. Me, me, me! Pretty please. It would make my day, I've always wanted a home made quilt:)

  2. I'll Facebook you email. But you would've have to send it, I can. Just take it home with me when I come your way in the summer. Xx

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Wow that house quilt does look quite familar! Ha, as they say great minds think alike. Even the colors are similar to the ones I chose and the setting too. I never used mine and gave it away when it was done. In fact I think I made so many of those little house blocks that I still have some floating around in my UFO pile. Glad your quilt found a good home too.

  4. You wouldn't think the scraps were scraps. They look like they go together!!! Nice job!

  5. Thanks for sharing your quilts at Dwell on Friday!