Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Projects

I have been busy, right now between re-decorating the bathroom, and sewing projects there is lots to keep me busy!  Sewing is winning at the moment, but I must get to the bathroom...soon...

Babies are coming or will be very soon, a shower last week, I was not able to attend, but sent along a gift.
I love this fabric!!

Two burp cloths, a paci clip and a bib clip

I really love the bright chartreuse and gray!

My hair stylist is having a baby in June, a boy.  She is going to stay home with the little guy!!  Yeah for her!!  Bad for me, I need a new stylist!  She and her husband love music.

Working on some gifts for my daughter-in-law who is due this month!!  (Surprises coming Danielle, when Sarah comes to visit! )  Chris and Danielle live in Singapore, so I won't get to see my grandson till June :-(.  But very excited for him to come!!

More later in the week, I might even make progress on the bathroom!



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