Friday, July 29, 2011

The Lake is Calm

Tonight as I sit on the porch the lake is calm, it has been calm all day.  Really the first day the wind has been calm since we came.  I can see the loons out on the lake, even though they are far away you can spot them.  I wish they would begin their night call, it is so etherial, makes me feel like I am in the wilderness...

We have had a great week, the kids have all come and gone and we are alone.  We are usually surrounded with family here, so being here alone is a strange feeling.  Our last day is tomorrow, I really don't want to go home,  this place is so relaxing, peaceful. 

The big project this week, besides sewing was painting the back porch.  the kids all pitched in with the scrapping and priming and John and I painted.

Sky blue ceiling, porch ceiling's should always be sky blue, right!!!

All back together and clean and fresh.

Have a great weekend.



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