Monday, July 18, 2011


Since the early 1930's my husband's family has owned a cottage (camp) on a small lake in the Adirondacks.  I started coming here when we were dating and we have come here every year since, that is about 36 years...oh makes me sound old!  Our children have grown up coming here and love it here.  It is the highlight of our summer.  As the kids have gotten older they are rarely here all together.  This summer is no exception.  But, we do have three out of four of the kids and their spouses and our granddaughter coming.  

My husband and I are here for two weeks, it has been many years since we have been able to do that.  The kids will come and go.

We become porch potatoes with this as our view, the breeze in our faces.  I think I become mesmerized by the beauty of the lake.  

The sunsets are fantastic, watching the sun sink behind the hills, listening to the voices across the lake, as the breeze dies down, and day drifts to evening.

My husband and I came by ourselves yesterday,  first time in about 30 years...  Our car was packed to the gills, he even asked me if we were moving.  I brought my sewing machine and the fabric for Baby E's (#2 grandchild) quilt and bedding.

The fabrics.

I knew there was an iron and ironing board out here just was not sure what kind of shape they were in.  The iron is basic and works great, and the ironing board is just that a wooden board.  with padding and a cover.  Vintage to say the least!  

I wonder if the National Washboard Company is still around?  I have a washboard hanging in my laundry room at home made by them.

My work space for the next two weeks is the back porch.  When it is not filled with people eating.

More posts from VaCa land coming... this is a picture I took last year very early in the morning.  The water was so calm, like glass.


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  1. Great photos! Love the fabrics you have there!