Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Legacy in Fabric

I was recently cleaning out a cupboard in my bedroom and I came across a bin of fabric I forgot I had.  Not just any fabric, but, fabric from my Grandmother's stash.  

My Grandma was a seamstress, crafter, and quiltmaker.  When she passed away my mom and aunt boxed up all of her stash and a few unfinished items and sent them to me.  I went through it all and boxed it up and put it in storage.  Finding this bin reminds me of her, and I hope to make some things for my grandchildren from these fabrics.

Most of the fabrics are small pieces that have "fussy cut" bits cut out.   She would take those fussy cut pieces and applique them to the baby clothes or aprons or other items she made.  They are mostly poly/cotton, but there are some that seem like percale and twill.  

Don't you love these frogs.

 Wild clowns and airplanes

I have clothes she made for me when I was a baby, a quilt she made for my wedding present, and a bin that has several quilt tops in various stages and made from various types of fabric.  I will post about those sometime soon.

I think about what will I leave behind for my daughters, I hope a legacy of sewing and quilting, and maybe a bin or two of fabric...


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  1. Oh, that is so sweet! She had lots of unique fabric you are going to have fun with! I have received things like that before from my grandma or from elderly ladies in the church and it always is so special to feel a part of their legacy and continue their passion. I think you are leaving a beautiful legacy for future generations. God bless!

  2. Oh how wonderful!!!! Lovely fabric and lovely story!!!