Monday, July 11, 2011

Sophia's Bedding

I realized in all this time blogging and talking about Sophia's bedding that I have never actually  blogged about it.  So here goes...

Sarah wanted to go non-traditional, she loves pinks, oranges and greens, and we found these wonderful fabrics at a few local fabric shops.  Crib skirt, bumper and quilt.  

This was our inspiration fabric, Alexander Henry's Mocca.  The main fabric in the bumper pad.

I made the bumper in four separate sections,  I love all the pattern, really stimulating for little Sophia!!

The quilt

The Quilt front

The back

 Sophia, seems to like the quilt!!  The label on the back...making a quilt?  ALWAYS put a label on it!!!!  Someday, when memories fade, you will always know who made it, when it was made and who it was for.

Then there was the chair, this chair was very ugly, painted white and it had a really ugly orange covering the cushions, so Sarah painted it black to match the crib and  I made slipcovers from the Mocca fabric.  The fabric was decorator weight so will be sturdy.

So that is the inspiration and the start of Bumblebee and Sophie!  

Coming soon, Grandbaby #2, here are Baby E's fabrics

See you soon,  


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