Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dress the Nest: Rachel's Nest and Bird Themed Shower

 Hi! It's Sarah, here. And I'm back to share a little bit of my sister, Rachel's baby shower with you. A few Saturday's ago we celebrated her and her little baby-bump with a shower we called: "Dress the Nest." I used all found materials to create the decor: cardboard, scraps of fabric, left over binding tape, paint chip samples and more. The only thing I purchased were the fresh flowers, which came straight from the grocery store and were very reasonably priced.
Here'a a look at the invite:
I've blocked out the address so you all don't show up at her front door:-P

Here's a look at my parents house, all decked out:
These letters are cut out from cardboard: dressed up with yard, fabric and mod podge and paint. 
The mantel with the bunting from scraps and left over binding tape. 
These little birds were cut from paint chip samples, free from the local home store. To make the template I used the bird graphic from the invite and just increased the size, printed it and made a tracing template.

The buffet centerpiece.

I put the book pages in the centerpiece to echo the library/book theme that was also a part of Rachel's shower. In the invitation we asked guests to bring their favorite children's book as a gift to Rachel, to help her build her children's book collection. We had a separate table set aside for the books:

I cut about thirty little birds and scattered them throughout the house in different places. It created a nice affect and solidified the whole theme.
The guests of honor.
Fresh flowers are a MUST for any party! These flowers came from the grocery store. I selected colors that fit the 'yellow and gray' palate. 

The shower started at 10am and we served brunch. Here are a few of the items we served that corresponded with the theme:
Bacon Egg Nests
Cupcake Nests. 

My beautiful sister and her beautiful belly.

Sophia, loving her baby and waiting for her baby cousin!

Helping Auntie Rachel open presents.
Breaking in the bathtub for her cousin.

If you interested in more details about this low-budget decor be sure to email us your questions or post them in the comments.


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