Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wedding Re-Cap

I'm kind of sad the weekend is over. There's so much planning, effort and anticipation leading up to a wedding that when the day finally comes...and then goes, there's a bit of a let down that it is done. The DJ stops the music, the guests leave, you take down all the decorations, toss away the wilted flowers and say goodbye to the out-of-town-guests. It is really quite sad. Except for the newlyweds, who are in a little bubble of bliss--exactly where they should be:-)

 But despite the let down, I really love weddings! I love how it gathers the whole family for a celebration; you see everyone you love. Everyone who is dear and special--all in one place, all having a great time celebrating love and the beginning of a new family. 
Saturday was a spectacular celebration of two people, Andy and Alissa, who love each other and love Jesus. What followed an incredibly meaningful and beautiful ceremony was a incredibly fun party: a party that epitomizes what a celebration should be. This is the last wedding my Dad will ever host: he went out with a bang. 

 The Rivermill at Dover Landing proved the prefect venue: an industrial, loft space turned into event center. Remember those before pics?
Here's a look at the space after we decorated and the tables had been set. So trendy!
That's the head table there in the center, the dance floor just above it. 

The towering, branching centerpieces with hanging votives.

Guests found their seating assignments strung with gray ribbon inside the mantle. The "A's" are for newlyweds, Alissa and Andy.

Each table was marked with an eclectic, but complementary selection of framed poems, specially selected by the couple.

Hydrangea blooms contrast with the black sticks. 

All the bridesmaids had snuggly Ugg boots to wear between the ceremony and reception: perfect for a winter wedding!

There's Deborah of Deborah Zoe Photo at work shooting a fabulously beautiful bride: my little sister, Alissa.

Isn't she lovely?

Such a fantastic couple!

Sad it's over but so happy for the bride and groom--happily ever after.

For more fabulous photos (that aren't grainy and bad--like mine) head over to Deborah Zoe Photos blog.


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  1. Ahhh. What a beautiful wedding - you did GREAT on the decorating! :-)

  2. So pretty! The space is perfect and I really love the soft hydrangeas in contrast to the black sticks! Congratulations!