Friday, February 4, 2011

One Thing Just Led to Another...

Sometimes when I purchase something I have no idea what it will lead me into...  Last Saturday the girls and I went to IKEA-the same trip where we I purchased the now infamous "Puppy."  My purchases were mostly storage oriented.  I needed to get some of the stuff off of my cutting table, and thought more drawer space would help.  So I bought two Antonius metal frames and wire basket drawers.  Each 4 drawer unit was only $19.99.
Putting them together myself proved to be a harder task than I originally thought: I shattering the block of wood that my husband gave me to hammer against.  All the weight lifting I've been doing came in handy, as I wrangled the tight pieces together. 
After bringing them to my sewing room, I put them in their planned spot under my cutting table.  (Notice the black block risers under the legs of the table, they were my daughter's from her dorm room to lift the bed.  The blocks make the cutting table counter height, which means no stooping over. This makes my back happy, and creates more space for drawers underneath.) 
The new Antonius Drawer System.
I stood back and analyzed the space: the new drawers were great, but what I really needed were shelves above  so I could get the stuff off the cutting surface. I stood for a few minutes pondering the set up and then realized: there are shelves on the other wall! 
The shelving on the "other" wall, before the big swap.
  I went to work and began a big overhaul of my space,  I planned to just swap the two tables, but one thing led to another and I cleaned out the closet, sorted through some old quilting patterns and basically "spring cleaned" the whole space. Here's a look at the before and after, not a "total" makeover, but a few little changes that make the space much more workable. 
The Cutting Table "before.
The cutting table after (moved to the other side of the room).
The "new" spot for my serger.
The shelving in the corner.
Some details: a letter filing system from staples works well for rulers and cutting implements.

And finally a project from a few years ago that graces my wall.

What does your space look like?  



  1. I just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award!!! You can go to my blog for the details!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my bee cake! Wish my craft room was this big! Great space!

  3. What a great sewing room and that was a great idea to move the table. Gosh I didn't realize those shelving units were so cheap! Wish we had a Ikea close by.