Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Girl and her Puppy

Last weekend we made a girls trip to IKEA. While there my Mom, Cindy made a sneaky little purchase for Sophia: a plush puppy. Neither my husband nor I are really pet people. Mark had a traumatic experience with a family dog when he was little that involved biting, bleeding and scars. I grew up with two dogs, but honestly have never really been able to understand the desire to own one. (I could very easily get on a soap box here about why pets are not a good idea, but that could possibly become the most controversial blog post in the history of Bumblebee and Sophie and offend some of my friends and family in the process.)
As you can imagine we have had a pet-free home for the past seven years and plan to maintain that pet-free status for years to come. However, thanks to my Mom's weekend purchase I think that may be more of a challenge than we'd like. You see, Sophia and her new puppy are INSEPARABLE. It's quite cute actually, but not cute enough to convince either my husband or I that a dog is a good idea. 


  1. Oh my gosh! Sophie's so cute! And we got that same exact puppy from Ikea for Elias when he was born. It stays in his bed with him. :) We also got the cute play "kennel" tent thing, but it broke the same day. It doesn't stop Nia from trying to hide inside though.

  2. Thanks Anna! We think she's pretty cute too, but then again we are a little biased. I have to say that I never thought of IKEA as a store for kids, but I walked away with more things for Sophia than for me:-)

  3. You should get several more to keep in reserve for when it gets lost! My niece Lyssa had one when she was little - a west highland terrier, thankfully my Dad brought about 7 more more, for which we are eternally grateful as Lyssa who is now 7 is on the last one and I think would be absolutely traumatised if at any point there hadn't been one in reserve. I honestly don't think she could survive without her Westie, Hamy.
    To love Lyssa, is to love Hamy.

  4. Oh cool, better get back to IKEA and get a few in reserve!! She is the most adorable!!!!