Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bargain Hunting

I like shopping. I like bargain hunting even more. January and February are PERFECT for bargains: the "after Christmas rush" has died down and most things are marked down so stores can clear out the fall and winter inventory to make room for spring. I like to shop thrift stores (Savers is great!) and pretty much any retailer that has a well-stocked SALE section: Old Navy often fits into this category. 

I happened to get an Old Navy gift card (thank you mom-in-law!) for Christmas, so my little shopper and I headed over to take a look. Boy did we make out like bandits! I bought a few things for myself and a few things for Sophia: a cute coat and boots for now, and the rest for next fall/winter. 
Here's a look at our bargains:
The Loot.
 Chic belt.
 Super cute boots!
Here's how it breaks down:

Original Total: $217.50 (!!!)
What I paid: $39.49 
(and that was on a gift card, so technically I didn't pay anything...AND I still have money left on the card! Woot!)

What's your favorite bargain hunting story?


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