Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday morning we woke to a wonderful land of white: it seems that winter finally decided to show up here in New England.

Sophia was a fan.
 I love the feeling of a snow day: cozy, cuddly, warm, that feeling that the world has slowed: stop and you can just snuggle, all day...if that is your hearts desire. My heart desired to first have a clean house and then snuggle and get cozy in that clean house. So I cleaned, which lead to organizing, which lead to the decision to start gathering things for a spring yard-sale: needless to say the flurries outside weren't the only flurries going down yesterday. But after all that was done, after I'd snuggled for a bit and relaxed in my clean house (oh so satisfying) we went out for a little snow-adventure.

The first part of our adventure involved Sophia leaning into a snow bank only to find it didn't support her weight:
(Yes, I did take a picture of her before brushing the snow from her little freezing face...horrible I know.)
The snow bank was as tall as she is.
Here are my brown-eyed cuties.
 Tucked into Daddy's jacket.
The Barn covered in snow.

 The Church next door (the church where mark and I were married).

Snow Day. Clean House. Fun with my family. It was a perfect day!

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