Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yard Sale Find to Christmas Surprise

At a yard sale in September, I purchased this rocking chair with the intention of refinishing it as a gift for Sophia for her birthday in December and if I didn't get to it then, as a Christmas present a few weeks later. All the pieces were in great condition, the only drawback was the wobbly rocking action and the fact that the finish and logo weren't what I pictured for Sophia. 
I didn't get to it in time for her birthday but on the Thursday before Christmas I (with help from my Dad) disassembled the entire chair. 

I didn't get to it in time for her birthday but on the Thursday before Christmas I (with help from my Dad) disassembled the entire chair. Although I wouldn't recommend it, it was necessary in order to make the chair more structurally sound upon reassembly (wood glue plus a few extra screws to steady some loose joints). Keep in mind this was all my Dad's idea and without him and his patience, the chair would be re-finished but still wobbly. So, Thanks Dad! You're the best!
I don't have any pictures of the chair in progress, partly because it was Christmas Eve and I was on a tight schedule to finish the chair in time to get back home to make bread and squash and shower and bathe Sophia and get ready for two (2!!) Christmas Eve parties....phew! Needless to say taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. 

But here she is on Christmas morning:

 and here's a closer look:
 I used a cherry red paint (it looks more pink in person) that I picked up at the home improvement store and applied it after I had sanded  down the old finish. I applied two coats and realized that if I wanted total coverage I would need a third, but since it was Christmas Eve and I didn't have time for a third coat I opted to make the chair look a little distressed. So after it had dried I sanded down in select areas to give the chair and worn-in look. I stenciled the "C" using craft paint, then sealed the whole thing with a spray gloss which I found next the spray paint at the home improvement store. Overall I was pleased with the results, and Sophia seems to enjoy it.

 Here's the little lady, sitting pretty...that look of determination on her face is directed towards my camera, which she is obsessed with getting. Makes taking pictures a little difficult, but fun. Thanks to my Dad, this chair should last for a while.


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  1. your craftiness is inspirational!

  2. What a cutie! (Your little one & the chair:) I hopped over from Just Something I whipped Up. I am your newest follower.
    Happy Weekend:)

  3. that chair is adorable (and so is your girlie!) :)

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