Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To Cute to Lose

Every time I hear the OnStar commercial on the radio-- you know the one where the mom locks her keys in the car with her 6 month old--I think: "That's me!" The problem is, I don't drive a GM car, so the OnStar operator can't magically rescue me in the event that I do, in fact, lock my baby AND my keys in the car.

The commercial has made me paranoid. I've only locked my keys in my car twice: once when I was in high school ( be expected) and the second time when I was leaving my final dress fitting before my wedding ( can imagine the stress level increased my absent mindedness). Under normal circumstances I am highly organized and well aware of the whereabouts of pretty much everything (which is why my husband is always asking me where HIS things are). However, there's something about motherhood that has seriously increased the amount that I worry (I always wondered why my mom thought of the worst-case scenario: No you can't climb that tree. You might DIE!)

I find myself thinking in the same way almost on a constant basis. I always check and double check when I leave the house: Baby? Check. Diaper Bag? Check. Keys? Check. I make visual contact and touch everything. Then once I'm in the car I do it again: Baby? I can see her car seat in the back seat and I know she is in it. Do you? Yes I buckled her in. Diaper Bag? It's on the seat next to me. Keys? They're in the ignition, the car wouldn't be running if I didn't have them.

And so, you can imagine when I hear that OnStar commercial I get worried that I too will someday lock Sophia in the car. But, today I took steps to avoid such a scenario: I made my own key-lanyard. I didn't go as far as to put a clip on the end (like our pacifier lanyards) but it is bright and colorful and fun: and that alone should reduce the risk of misplacement: who wants to lose cute keys?

My keys before:

My keys post-makover:

Bright and fun. I love the way the look like petals of a flower.

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  1. Yes, yes,

    been there, done that.
    I also worried sick about not getting everything gathered each time I went out with my babies. Now my babies have babies... he he.
    Coincidentaly, my first newly born grand daughter's name is Sophie. She is a month old.
    I love your creations. The fabrics are fabulous and the patterns are very sweet. Wish my sewing skills were that far already!!!

    By the way, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.