Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here we go!

Here we go! Our homes have been a buzz with creativity these past few months as we (Cindy and Sarah) have been preparing to launch our clothing and accessory line: Bumblebee and Sophie. We are finally ready!

Our summer collection features two sundresses: "Savannah" and "Charlotte," both made from premium 100% cotton--the same fabric we use for our accessories.

Here, Sophia (our inspiration) models the "Charlotte," an A-line sundress with button straps and contrasting peek-a-boo pleat.

"Savannah" is similar to the "Charlotte" as it also has a contrasting peek-a-boo pleat, however, it has strappy ties, to help customize the fit.
Pictured here (from left to right) "Charlotte" in white floral from Art Gallery Fabrics, "Savannah" in green and blue floral by Amy Butler, and "Savannah" in green and brown print by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Another look at our burp cloth collection.


  1. Such beautiful work (modeled so cutely!) :-) I will absolutely have to order some if it turns out we're having a girl!
    PS - in your "history" you mentioned Sophia's crib bedding. I remember being VERY impressed with the set at your baby shower - could you maybe post a picture, too? :-)

  2. Yes! A Pic of the crib bedding is coming. Once we get my mom and her amazing camera in the same room as the bedding;-) My camera just doesn't do it justice:-P