Friday, January 20, 2012

Flashback Friday

Beautiful morning, new snow, bright blue skies, birds busy at the feeder.

The week has gone fairly well, until today...I have had one of those days...
Starting with a head cold, or allergies (in the winter??), so the energy level has been pretty low.  I have tried to plod along with my chore list, but have had a few frustrations along the way.  The biggest one is trying to print some new business cards.  I think this is the last time I try the do-it-yourself version.  I spent over an hour trying to get the copy to line up with the printer so the cards print in the right place.  Not perfect but done.

Flashback to my week:

I started babysitting my youngest Granddaughter, Cora...she is cute and a really good baby.

Not a fan of "tummy time" 
look at those eyelashes!!

And I had Sophia, she is now two and talking up a storm, loves wearing my shoes. still my beating heart...I ordered lots of new fabric.  Both packages came, but one was actually not my fabric, I was soooo bummed.  Two orders got mixed up, but,  my fabric is on its way to me, and I mailed off the other persons fabric...  Here is what came, can't wait to start sewing,  they are being washed as I type!!

Some cute dresses, sewing machine covers are going to come out of this...stay tuned.

Some friends and my husband and I are going skiing this weekend.  See you when we get back.
Have a great weekend!


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  1. I know the feeling you had when you opened the package of fabric to see the wrong ones. I had the exact same feeling when I opened my package and found YOUR fabric instead of mine! Glad we were able to exchange. I was so excited to get my fabric on Friday afternoon. I don't have any specific plans yet for the fabric. Most likely bibs and burp cloths or maybe a quilt. Check out our Etsy site to see the kind of things we do.

    Thanks again for sending my fabric so quickly. I will for sure now start following your blog!

    1. I am so glad you got the fabric. My first thought as I pulled out the fabric was oh I love this...(the pink and gray), then I realized wait, I don't remember ordering that... then it was Oh bummer...Glad it got sorted out. I will look forward to getting mine (we are away skiing at the moment). I will check out your Etsy shop!

      Thanks for the comment and following!!

  2. BIRDS, BABIES, and BOLTS of fabric. Youare a rich woman, Cindy BRESSOUD.