Thursday, January 12, 2012

First days

Today was actually my third day home, well sort of.  My last day at the lab was a week ago, I spent a long weekend with my brother in Denver, he has been battling cancer and I had not seen him since my daughter's wedding last February.  I had a nice time just hanging out with his family, taking a drive into the mountains, shopping on Pearl St. in Boulder and watching the Broncos beat the Steelers.  I think we both feel the importance of staying connected.

Mike and I, pray he can gain some weight, in preparation for two more chemo treatments

Back to my day...I had cute little Cora all day today, her Mommy, Rachel is attending a seminar/class.  Rachel is getting her Masters, in Montessori Teaching.  She was nervous, first time leaving Cora for so long, but we had a great day!

Look at those eyelashes!!!

I have been working on some sewing machine cover custom orders, and I made a pair of mittens from an old wool sweater I found at Goodwill.

I am happy to be home, it even snowed all day, how cozy!!!!

Hope you had a cozy day.



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  1. Happy staying at home and happy coziness! I'm now a happy follower and would love for you to join my 'Beat the winter blues' Saturday party this week.

    1. Sounds fun! Thanks for the comment, and following!