Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

It is a gray and rainy day here, doesn't feel much like Christmas.  The promise of snow for tonight is tenuous at best.  I am struggling to find time to do all the things that are on my plate!  How about you?

Some decorating has taken place...some

The snowmen are waiting patiently for their final destination 
The Moravian Star replaces our dining room chandelier 

The Christmas tree is up thanks to my husband and daughter Rachel, thanks Rach!!

The rest awaits my free time, hopefully before the 24th!!

No presents yet either, still hidden, at least the ones purchased so far.

I am off to my sewing room to finish one last custom sewing machine cover, then on to my projects.  Probably should clean before I decorate.  Add that to the list!
Have a happy day in spite of the busyness!!


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  1. Chris and I appreciate all you do!!