Friday, October 28, 2011

First Snow and a Preview

It happened last night, the rain turned to snow...the leaves are still mostly on the trees, the color is still fairly nice,  now with a frosty edge.  I love snow, love to ski, but, I must admit, this is a bit early.  I comfort myself knowing that the snow will all be gone by noon and we will again be in fall.  At least for a few days...

Impatients encased in the icy snow

Our Red Maple still has most of its leaves

Just a bit of snow 

Preview of some of the clothes I have been working on

Notice the ice/snow on the table

Come see us at the craft fairs, for these and more.

Happy Fall/Winter


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  1. So nice to meet you today! Love your items and happy to be your 85th follower!!!