Monday, October 17, 2011

Bumper Pads for Cora

 When Rachel was anticipating Cora's birth, she picked out fabrics that would be somewhat neutral, since they were not going to find out the sex of this baby before the birth.

These were the fabrics she choose.  I love the grays and yellows.

I saw a quilt that was basically a "crazy" Log Cabin, made from very soft pastels, it was beautiful and looked very easy to make.  I started with a center that was not square and went from there.  I will most likely do it differently, as I had some strips that were slivers when I put the blocks together.

The pallet of grays and yellows is so pleasing to look at, and fun to work with.

For the bumper pads I purchased a package of foam pads from JoAnn Fabrics, what a great invention!!
check them out here.

I then made the front and backs,  putting together different squares, it really adds visual interest and stimulation for the baby.  I had to keep checking as I put them together so all the birds would be right side up.

I used ribbon for the ties, two colors the yellow and the gray.

Sewing the two sides together and then inserting the foam went smoothly, the tricky part is sewing the opening shut.  I wanted to sew the opening on the machine rather than by hand, for a stronger seam.   Pushing down the foam and pinning it out of the way you can then sew the seam together.
The foam pops back out and fills the space very nicely.

Cora's Nursery is all put together,  Rachel has done a great job with the room.  More pictures next post.


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  1. Love the fabric choices!! Can't wait to see the nursery.

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